WCFJC Launches Women in Business (WiB) Program, October 2014

Participant sharing challenges in her business

WCFJC launched its Women in Business (WiB) program on 7th October 2014. Fifteen (15) beneficiaries from three Sub-counties met the stringent criteria WCFJC developed. Nine from that number completed all the qualification requirements. The program offers business counseling, training in several areas of business management and advocacy as well as interest free in-kind loans.

WiB program beneficiaries meet once a month. The meetings are also attended by local leaders. Six Sub-county officials from two Sub-counties (two Sub-county Chiefs and four Community Development Officers) attended the event as invited guests. At the October 2014 WiB Workshop, among other activities, beneficiaries were trained in book keeping and envisioning where they want their businesses to be in ten years’ time. Participants prepared individual assignments and later presented their work to their fellow participants. This was done to enhance their public speaking skills and build self-confidence. Participants also outlined the social challenges they face in their communities and suggested solutions in the hearing of Sub-county representatives.

The local leaders provided real time feedback on every issue raised, on behalf of the government. They also participated in a lengthy discussion on gender based violence and the approaches women might take to ensure that their rights are protected. The local leaders further recommended approaches that WCFJC beneficiaries could use to get the government to pay attention to and solve the named challenges. After the meeting, one of the CDOs took it upon herself to follow up on each of the highly personal issues raised during the discussion. It was a strong beginning to the WCFJC advocacy initiative.