What we do

WCFJC raises funds and implements projects to equip low income women in expanding the scale of their existing income generating projects.  WCFJC provides an integrated solution to overcome the barriers that limit income generating project expansion and perpetuate low project productivity, low project quality of outputs and low project income generation. 

The target population will be equipped to add significant and sustainable economic value to existing income generating projects resulting in increased revenue and profits and ultimately, job creation through project expansion.

In collaboration with existing community groups, WCFJC achieves its objectives by providing the following critical services to beneficiaries:

  • Access to value-adding resources – The Women's Center for Job Creation (WCFJC) purchases the resources beneficiaries need in order to add value to their on-going income generating activities.  Value-adding resource needs vary by project.  Examples include the following:
    • Land – In order for WCFJC to impact the lives of its beneficiaries in a meaningful way, it is critical that WCFJC facilitate the ownership of land on which sustainable and meaningful projects may expand beyond their current state.  All WCFJC projects will require facilitation in this area. 
    • Equipment – This may include weaving tools for mat makers, sewing machines for tailors or solar driven drying machines for pineapple growers.

WCFJC will purchase appropriate value-adding resources, which beneficiaries will in turn purchase from WCFJC in affordable instalments.  Total payment to WCFJC by beneficiaries will not exceed the amount WCFJC paid to acquire the value-adding resource.

  • Access to domestic and export markets for value-added products - WCFJC identifies potential markets for beneficiary products, negotiates terms of sale, ensures product quality meets customer specifications and provides marketing/sales support.  All services in this category are free of charge.     
  • Access to appropriate training - working with Uganda and US-based technical experts, WCFJC provides beneficiaries training relevant to the income generating activity they are engaged in.  Examples of training may include effective and efficient farming practices, operation of value-adding equipment, basic book keeping and business management as well as bank etiquette and managing bank relationships.  All services in this category are free of charge.