Hygiene and Sanitation Project


Hygiene: This refers to acquiring and using all the requirements of an ideal homestead as follows; bath shelters, sun tables, a kitchen with a safe fire place, animal houses, drying lines, refuse/rubbish pits, safe water points, clean pit latrines which are maintained as clean all the time, clean compounds and hand washing facilities with water and soap/ash next to the latrines.

Sanitation: - According to the World Health Organization: “Sanitation generally refers to the provision of facilities and services for the safe disposal of human urine and faeces”. It can also be formulation of measures protecting public health. Sanitation = principles of hygienic conditions (personal and environmental hygiene).

Why Sanitation?

Improving sanitation has significant social economic benefits on households and across communities.

  • Saves money that would be spent on the treatment of sanitation related diseases for development.
  • Saves time spent looking after the sick.
  • Saves children from missing school.

Proper sanitation = poverty eradication and achievement of Millennium Development Goal no. 1.


WCFJC in partnership with GWWI is addressing the problem of poor hygiene and sanitation through construction of VIP latrines in the communities.

Following 2013 GWWI Women-led WASH Service Centre Training on water and hygiene promotion in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda that took place in June 24th – 30th, WCFJC will be constructing two (2) Ventilated Improved Pit latrines for girls in two schools, in Butagaya sub county Jinja District.

What is A VIP Latrine?

The Ventilated Improved Pit latrine (VIP) is a pit toilet with a black pipe (vent pipe) fitted to the pit and a screen (fly screen) at the top outlet of the pipe. VIP latrines overcome the disadvantages of simple pit latrines, namely the fly and mosquito nuisance and unpleasant odors. The smell is carried upwards by the chimney and flies are prevented from leaving the pit and spreading disease. 

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