Paper bead jewelry


Initiated by the women of Nakakulwe Bulondo Development Group, the goal of the paper bead project is to generate supplementary income for group members.


November 2011 – WCFJC members participated in an exchange visit to Sanaa Gateza’s workshop in Kampala as part of their activities during the Month of Women Entrepreneurs (MOWE) in Uganda. During the visit, WCFJC members learned the basics of bead-making from Sanaa, who is responsible for introducing paper beak-making to Uganda several years ago.

July 2012 - WCFJC invited Sanaa Gateza to host a follow-up bead-making workshop in Nakakulwe Village. 35 participants received hands-on practical training in all aspects of paper bead-making. WCFJC is organizing a follow-up training on jewelry design. Kwetu Ltd., Sanaa’s company, is keen to purchase finished products from WCFJC participants, provided the products meet Kwetu’s required standards.

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