The Need

  • Lack of access to capital

    Attempts by WCFJC's target population to access bank loans are frustrating. A 2000 study tour conducted by principal officers of Africa's leading micro credit institutions found that existing micro credit institutions are not structured to support low-income borrowers, who lack collateral and high interest loan repayment capacity. Instead, micro credit loan programs are designed for the needs of urban and peri-urban enterprises, effectively excluding the vast majority of rural low-income women.
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  • Lack of access to markets

    WCFJC's target population lacks the ability to identify, access and penetrate new markets. Low-income women remain at the mercy of exploitative middlemen who are the real beneficiaries of Uganda's fast growing export earnings: +15% in 2002/2003 (Uganda Budget). Read more about Lack of access to markets

  • Lack of relevant training

    Micro credit institutions consistently report poor borrower skills and training as a major obstacle to success. Credit-related training and project relevant training tend to be mutually exclusive. No agency currently provides both. Loan beneficiaries lack project training and training beneficiaries lack credit related training. Read more about Lack of relevant training